Advantages of Using Bongs Instead of Smoking Cigarettes

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Advantages of Using Bongs Instead of Smoking Cigarettes

When we talk about smoking, it has become a common trend among people of ages from 21 or higher. People use different smoking devices such as water pipes, bongs, cigarettes. Cigarettes are harmful to our lungs and may cause lungs cancer due to the harmful smoke of tobacco and other smoking substances.

On the other hand, smoking from a bong is safer than cigarettes because it filters the smoke and removes some of the contaminants that may harm your lungs. In this article, you will know about the advantages of bongs instead of smoking cigarettes.

What is a Bong?

A bong is a smoking device, also known as a water pipe that filters the smoke through water filtration and removes more of the unhealthy contaminants from smoke. A bong is a healthier way of smoking because it filters and cools down the smoke before reaching the mouthpiece. This smooth and filtered smoke does not irritate your lungs. Bongs are available in different sizes and shapes made from different types of materials; glass, ceramics, metal, plastic, and wood.

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Is Smoking from a Bongs better than Cigarettes?

Smoking from a bong instead of cigarettes is safer and less harmful for your lungs because a bong uses percolators to filter and cool down the smoke that is not done in cigarettes. People who use bongs for smoking have fewer chances of lungs cancer and other respiratory diseases because bongs filter the smoke and give better smoking hits than cigarettes. The filtration system in bongs reduces the chances of heart disease that is higher in the case of smoking cigarettes.

Harmful Effects of Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking Cigarettes cause many health effects on your body and respiratory diseases. Here are some bad effects of smoking cigarettes on your health.

Damage your Lungs

Smoking cigarettes may cause lungs cancer because the nicotine in tobacco or other substance is very harmful; that directly affects your lungs. Cigarettes also have some other additional chemicals that can cause respiratory diseases such as asthma attacks. Smoking cigarettes also have a great chance of developing COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder).

Increase Risk of Heart Diseases

Smoking cigarettes also damages your blood vessels, and blood cells that directly affects your heart performance. It may increase the chances of heart disease that can lead to heart attack even death. Harmful chemicals in cigarettes increase the risk of atherosclerosis; accumulation of plaque in blood vessels, which may lead to blockage of blood flow in your blood vessels. In short, smoking cigarettes increase the chances of blood clots in blood vessels, chest pain, and risks of heart attacks.

Increase Risks of Diabetes Type2

Tobacco and other chemicals in cigarettes increase the risks of diabetes type2 in smokers. According to research, the people who smoke cigarettes regularly have 30-40 percent higher chances of diabetes type2 than those who do not smoke.

Weaken your Immune System

Smoking cigarettes to a high ratio may weaken your immune system that leads to serious health issues. When your immune system is weak, you are at more risk of developing health diseases. A weak immune system may cause inflammation in your body that is a harmful effect of smoking cigarettes.

Cause Fertility Problems

Smoking cigarettes has dangerous effects on women than men and can damage the reproductive system of females. Tobacco, cannabis, and other harmful chemicals in cigarettes may affect the hormone levels in your body that can damage reproductive systems in females if they smoke regularly. In males smoking beyond a limit may also affect sperm quality and reduces fertility chances.

Advantages of Smoking from Bongs

Bongs are smoking devices that filter the smoke before reaching your lungs and make it less harmful for you. It filters and cools down the smoke that eradicates the harmful chemicals from smoking substances. Here are some advantages of bongs over cigarettes.

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Filtered Smoke

Bongs have a water chamber where smoke is filtered for eliminating the harmful chemicals before reaching the mouthpiece. This filtration is an additional feature of bongs that eradicates carcinogens and other toxins from the smoke; so that it cannot damage your lungs. Some bongs have the additional feature of percolators; that increase the bubble effects and filter the smoke twice for giving smoother smoking hits. The water filtration system in bongs is an attractive feature for stoners that is healthier than smoking cigarettes.

Offers better Smoking Hits

When we talk about smoking hits of a bong, it offers better and smoother smoking hits to smokers because it cools down and filters the smoke before reaching your mouth. These smoother smoking hits do not damage your lungs and do not cause respiratory diseases. Moreover, ice catchers and percolators help in filtering and cooling down the smoke to a great extent.

Environment Friendly

The smoke from a bong is filtered and free of all toxins that do not spoil your environment. Bongs eradicate most toxins from cannabis that may create harmful smoke in your environment and lead to respirational issues such as lungs cancer and asthma. Bongs make cannabis eco-friendly and less harmful for your health.

Easy to Use

When we talk about the use of bongs, it is to use and clean a bong. You can carry a bong with you when you are going outside and want to enjoy smoking. Some bongs have complicated styles but you can clean them easily and use them for a long time once purchased. Bongs are also cost-efficient and durable due to the best material.

Offer Bigger Hits

Bongs are the best choice for the stoners, who want massive and smoother smoking hits because they provide better hits than cigarettes. Bongs offer massive smoking hits free of toxins that are fun for stoners because most of the smokers like these bigger hits. The filtration system in bongs moisturizes the smoke so that it does not irritate your throat.

Smoking from Bong is Healthier

Smoking from a bong is safer than smoking cigarettes because the bongs filter the smoke and eliminate all toxins from cannabis and other smoking substances. It makes your respiratory system safer from harmful diseases such as lungs cancer and asthma. Water cools down and moisturizes the smoke to reach before your lungs to avoid coughing.

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Smoking is harmful to health due to many toxins in tobacco and other substances that may damage your lungs. Smoking cigarettes is harmful to your health because it can cause lungs cancer, asthma, and other respiratory issues. However, smoking from bongs is safer than smoking cigarettes because bongs filters the smoke and offer smoother smoking hits that do not affect your lungs and throat.

Moreover, bongs are cost-efficient and durable smoking devices that you can use for a long time. Bongs are available in different sizes and designs according to your budget. The addition of percolators, carburetors, and ice catchers offers additional features for providing cooler and smoother hits.

Disclaimer:  This article is for reference only. No type of smoking is completely safe regardless of the smoking instrument used. Please do your own due-diligence before taking up or participating any type of recreational smoking.

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