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It’s 4:20 Somewhere is an online head shop that sells bongs, water pipes, bubblers, dab rigs, gas mask bongs, bong accessoreis, and more.

A bong is a type of water pipe that is used for smoking herbal materials such as tobacco or cannabis. It can be made from different types of glass or plastic. A bong typically consists of a bowl (the part where the material is put), a stem (the long tube) which leads to the mouthpiece and finally a base (where the smoke goes out).

The use of a water pipe offers many advantages over other methods such as rolling cigarettes with tobacco leaves. The smoke cools down and becomes more moist when it passes through water before entering your lungs. This means that you can inhale much more smoke.

Enjoy smoking to the fullest with glass water pipes that are designed with style and perfection.  They are smooth in design and style.  These pipes are easier to hold in your hands and they can easily be kept on a shelf for storage.  Also, you will not feel any hassle in preparing these pipes for smoking.

When you are in the mood to have a few puffs of your herb for smoking, you should not miss the opportunity for the want of a decent bong.  Shop for beautiful Empire Glassworks, ROOR, Chameleon Glass or any of the many brands we carry that will give you an excuse to continue with your hobby of smoking.

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