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About It’s 4:20 Somewhere, The Best Online Head Shop

Since 2016, It’s 4:20 Somewhere has become the fastest growing best online head shop.  When we started, our goal was to be the best online head shop when it came to purchasing your smoking supplies online. We know you have many choices when it comes to buying glass pipes, water pipes, bongs and accessories.  Before we got into this business, we were faced with the same choices when it came to finding an online head shop to purchase our personal smoking supplies from.  The problem we found was with so many choices came so many sacrifices in one way or another.  Dealer A had low prices, but there was always a lack of selection and/or had an order processing time up to a week or more.  Dealer B however could ship our products in a few days or more, but we either had to pay more for the product, or we had to pay shipping and handling at checkout.  Or dealer C was out of the product we wanted.  Or dealer D’s website was so slow, we would just get frustrated and leave.  Then there are the dealers with a website that leaves a lot to be desired in so many ways.  If their web presence is not up to par, it made us wonder about the rest of their business.  So, that brought us back around to square one:  Where to buy our smoking products.

Let’s back up a bit.  Our background is eCommerce.  We’ve been doing it for a long time.  We’ve learned a lot along the way.  We’ve made mistakes, we’ve learned from them, and now we’re pretty good, and successful at this eCommerce thing.  We started out with what became one of the most successful hobby related websites way back in 1997 during the big Internet boon.  We sold that business in 2010 and have since set up and operated a handful of successful niche eCommerce businesses.

So back to our headshop dilemma;  We realized that a lot of the online head shops were small, underfunded, and seem to be run as a hobby,  and the decent ones that we shopped from actually didn’t do much more than take our order.  After that they would forward our order to a 3rd party to drop-ship our order for them.  No wonder then, that when we would inquire about an order they would tell us they would have to get back with us.   Of course they would have to get back with us since they didn’t actually ship our order themselves, they had no idea what the status was on it.  Ugh.  We knew from experience there were better ways to do things.  So, we decided to get into the online head shop business, It’s 4:20 Somewhere was born.

Here’s the deal.  We wanted to give our customers the best online experience when purchasing smoking supplies.  Period.  We combined what we felt were the best features from the different online head shops we purchased from.  Then we added the features that we wanted in a shopping experience, we added all that to our online success formula and put it all together. When you shop at It’s 4:20 Somewhere, you get the best of all your favorite head shops in one place, and so much more.

Here’s a list of just a few of the reasons that makes us different from the other guys:

  • We stock everything we sell. Unlike the other guys that use 3rd party drop-shippers to ship your order.  There are so many reasons that we don’t operate our business model like this.  Click for more info…
  • Since we stock everything we sell, we can ship your order the same day you place it (as long as it’s placed before our order cutoff time).  Saturdays included!
  • Free shipping on US orders over $25. All orders are shipped discreetly, only you will know what’s in the package.  Click for more info…
  • Transparent return and refund policy.  Nobody likes returns, but things happen.  We’re not going to make you jump through hoops when you request a return or refund.  We keep it simple and fair.  Click for more info…
  • Delivery estimates are clearly stated in the shopping cart before going through check out process and inputting all your info. Most of our customers receive there order before the other guys have even processed theirs.
  • We don’t offer gimmick discounts like enter your email on our spinning wheel of fortune or free gifts randomly thrown in your order.  We do offer incentive type discounts though.  Like signing up for our email list will get you an instant 10% off.  Product reviews will get you another discount and reward points.  Spreading the work on social media, yep, there’s reward points for that too.  Make sure you get on our email list and you won’t miss any discounts or specials.
  • Honest and transparent customer service. If you contact our customer service department, you will get honest and accurate answer in a timely manner.  Hey, we’re human, issues can arise.  We know if there is an issue, you just want it taken care of quickly with no BS or excuses.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee. We live by this one.  We will do whatever it takes to make sure you are completely satisfied with your order.  If there is an issue, contact us, we’ll make it right!
  • Fast, safe and SSL secure website. Our website was built for speed.  It’s hosted on a dedicated VPS server with a ton of horsepower and 15 different security layers.  Unlike most of the competition who have their sites hosted on one of those cookie cutter, template-based shared server eCommerce solutions like, Shopify, BIg Commerce or Volusion.

We’ve been around since 2016, and since then we have become one of the fastest growing online head shops.  So make sure to get on our mailing list and visit frequently.  We’re expanding our selection daily!   We have tons of new products in the pipeline.

So that’s the short version of our story.  Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.  We look forward to being your one-stop best online head shop.

Same Day Free Shipping*

Super Quick Delivery

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Estimated Delivery Date Clearly Displayed

We Stock & Ship All Items

Simple No-Hassle Lowest Price+ Guarantee

Bong Hit Rewards Loyalty Program

No BS Customer Service

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Quick Response to All Inquiries

No Hassle Returns / Refunds

Super Fast & Secure Website

Located in Sunny Southern California

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Hot Box Magazine Top 5 Online Smoke Shops
It’s 4:20 Somewhere – Rated #1 Best Online Head Shops 2023 by Hotbox Magazine

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On time like the said it would be

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Thank you so much!

3 weeks ago

Super fast shipping packaged well and solid product

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