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Simple No-Hassle Lowest Price+ Guarantee


Did you find the same item at a better price somewhere else?  It happens sometimes.  But no worries, we’ll gladly beat the competitions price by 5%.  That happens, too.

Most Items

Almost every item on our website qualifies for our Lowest Price Guarantee.*

Found at Competitors

To be eligible, the item should be available from most online U.S. retailers**.  Brick and mortar only shops do not qualify unless they have an eCommerce website listing the exact item.

Identical and Available

Both items (ours and the competitor’s) should be exactly the same and currently in stock.  Some online shops sell cheap imported knockoffs claiming to be the legitimate original, these items will not qualify.

So you found an item for less?  Here’s what to do:

First, use our contact form and send a general inquiry and include the url of the product from our site and the url from the competitors site.  We’ll verify it and let let you know.  If it checks out, you will need to then follow the steps below.

    1. Purchase the item on our website.
    2. Contact our customer service using the price match guarantee option.  Follow the instructions and complete all fields.
    3. Once we verify the item, availability and price (using the info you provided), we will immediately refund you the difference plus 5%.  No hassles, no excuses, done!  If there are any issues, we will contact you.

Our transparency statement:  Shipping charges will factor in if applicable.  For example, if our price is $25 with free shipping and their price is $20 plus $5.00 shipping, the net cost to you is the same, $25.  In this case, there would be no price to beat since the overall cost to you would be the same.  Don’t be fooled by the other guys that claim to have a low price, only to find out it’s not so low when they add S/H at checkout. 

Please note that any coupons, discounts, or special offers will be factored into the final price before any price match is honored.

*Roor Products:  Due to all the knock off Roor products and fake imports, we do not price match Roor products.  We are an authorized Roor dealer and only sell authentic Roor products which can be verified at the Roor website.

**Sites we DO NOT price match: All auction sites like Ebay, etc.  Chinese export sites like Alibaba, AliExpress, industry wholesale/distributers, etc.

We reserve the right to deny any price match for any reason if it does not meet our criteria.

Contact Our Customer Service


Ends Midnight 4th of July.

Here’s the details:

Spend $40, get a $5 gift card
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Spend $200, get a $25 gift card
Spend $350, get a $50 gift card

Gift cards will be emailed when your order ships.  One free gift card per order.

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