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Sesh Supply “Atlas” Faberge Egg Recycler with Propeller Perc – Charcoal


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Sesh Supply
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    A Spirited Pipe That Can Get You Rip After Rip

    • 10.5" tall
    • Fixed kinetic propeller perc downstem to fabrege egg perc to recycler
    • Charcoal color wrapped lip and base
    • Premium borosilicate glass
    • Custom designed in Savannah, GA

    Mango color shown in some pictures for reference only

    For legal use only

    More Information

    Sesh Supply “Atlas” Faberge Egg Recycler with Propeller Perc – Charcoal

    In Greek mythology, Atlas was the titan god of endurance, and was condemned to carry the earth upon his shoulders for all of eternity. With Sesh Supply’s “Atlas” recycler with propeller perc, you can get a taste of that endurance hit after hit with this pipe’s recycling capabilities. At its base, the Atlas is a Faberge Egg with a propeller perc downstem. However, and extra recycling chamber gives this piece a new kind of charm that helps keep you revitalized and your glass clean. Pick up the Atlas if you’re a fan of continuous fresh hits, and the wonders of a self-recycling piece of glass.

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