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A bong is an old device; people used it for smoking herbs through a pipe heating the herbs or other substances in a bowl from water steam. The origin of this smoking device came from Thailand, and the name of this device also came from the Thai word “baung”. People of Asia and Africa have also used this smoking device between 1100 and 1400 CE.

What is a bong? A short description of bongs

A bong is a smoking device used to smoke dry herbs, also known as “Water Bong” due to having a type of water pipe. This device filters the smoke produced by dry herbs when heated by water through diffusing. Bongs are available in a large variety of sizes and shapes, but in all types, the anatomy of bongs remains common.


In all bongs, the bowl is the main part for putting the herbs or other smoking substances in the bong.


A stem is a tube that goes down through which the smoke travels to the mouthpiece for smoking

Water chamber:

The water chamber is present in a bong to fill water and produce heat for diffusion to heat the herbs.


A mouthpiece is used to inhale the heated herbs in the bong. In different types of bongs, the mouthpiece may be at a different location.

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Types of Bongs:

Bongs are one of the most widely used smoking devices in people for many years; smokers use this device for smoking. The function of all bong devices is smoking, but there is a large variety of styles and designs. There are different types of bong according to the design and shapes of this smoking device. They come in various designs and styles; each style gives a different experience of smoking to smokers. Smokers choose this device according to their taste and function of this device. Durability is also another factor in selecting this device.

Here are some different types of bongs available in the market for smokers.

Carburetor Bongs:

A bong has a hole in its center or anywhere else, but if there is no hole in your bong, it means it is a carburetor bong. This type of bong is designed in such a way so that fresh air can enter your bong when you release your finger. This type of bong allows fresh air to enter your lungs when you smoke a bong device. This fresh air makes it easier to smoke and inhale the smoking contents of pipe rapidly instead of all other types of bongs.

Beaker-Shaped Bong:

A beaker-shaped bong is like a tube-shaped bong device with a flat cone-shaped bottom that looks like a beaker. The name of this type is also due to its beaker shape. Beaker bongs are more stable than other types of bongs such as straight tube-shaped bongs. Beaker-shaped bongs are stable because they have a large bottom base than other types of bongs. However, the smoking process in beaker shape is the same as other bong devices. You have to add water in the water chamber, cannabis, and fire in it.

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Round-Base Bongs:

Round-base bongs are also the same in shape as beaker bongs. The base of these bongs is additionally wider than all other types of bongs. The mouthpiece of these bongs is also wider than tube-shaped bongs. The water chamber in this type of bong is like a sphere that has a flat base. Round-shaped bongs are also stable than tube-shaped and straight bongs but less stable than beaker-shaped bongs.

The shape of this type of bong is different, but the other anatomy of the round-base bong is the same.

Multi-Chamber Bong:

A multi-chamber bong has more than one chamber compared to other bongs, also known as recycler bong. A multi-chamber bong has a straight tube and has two more chambers connected by a third chamber. This chamber is on the right side of this multi-chamber bong. The upper and lower chambers of the multi-chamber bong hold water because smoke in this bong device is filtered twice. The benefit of this bong is that the smoke in this bong is smoother than all other types of bongs.

Due to the complexity of the design of other bongs, it is not easy to design a multi-chamber bong, and it is also expensive. You need to care more about the cleaning of a multi-chamber bong device.

Bucket Gravity Bong:

Bucket Gravity Bongs have a vacuum tube to fill up the space that water leaves behind in an enclosed shape. In a simple bucket gravity bong, there is a plastic bottle and a bucket filled with water. It is easy to use a bucket gravity bong. Smokers use this type of bong just for fun. But if you like this bong device, you can purchase a professional bucket gravity bong device for regular use.

Straight-Tube Bong:

Straight-Tube bongs are the simplest design of bongs available in the market. They consist of a simple tube, closed at one end with a stem to fill water and contain a bowl for putting herbs. You have to fill up the water in the water chamber and put the herbs in the bowl to enjoy the smoking. These types of bong are cheap than other types of bongs, easy to use, and clean. Moreover, this is simple to smoke because it is a straightforward smoking device.

Percolator Bongs:

A percolator bong is also known as bubbler bong is available in straight-tube, round-base and beaker-shaped bongs, and many other beautiful shapes. The unique property of this type of bong that makes it different from other types of the bong is that it contains a percolator. A percolator is a glass piece that dissipates the smoke before passing through the water chamber which causes bubbles in the bong.

In a single chamber bong such as round-based bongs and tube-shaped bongs, a percolator is at the bottom of the bong. In multi-chamber bongs, the percolator may be in another chamber or there may be more than one percolator. It is difficult to clean this type of bong due to its complexity.

Waterfall Gravity Bong:

A waterfall gravity bong is also like a bucket gravity bong in which you have to pull the bottle up to create a vacuum. You can also drain the water from the bottom. In this type of bong, you draw smoke by changing air pressure like other gravity bongs. It is made of a container having a bowl and a small hole in the bottom; to drain the water. The water flows out from the container, the air is forced to burn the substance in a bowl to create smoke in the bong.

The Bottom Lines:

A bong is a smoking device used by smokers popularly for many years. Smokers use this device to smoke herbs by heating them through the water. Bongs are available in different shapes and designs. Bongs are made of plastic, wood, glass, and metals. Bongs contain a water tube called a water chamber for water, a stem, a bowl for smoking substances, and a mouthpiece for smoking the herbs. Bongs are available in different types such as straight-tube, round-base, multi-chamber, waterfall gravity bongs, carburetor bongs, and percolator bongs.

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