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A bong is a smoking device also known as a water pipe to smoke herbs, tobacco, and other smoking substances. It is a filtration device that filters the smoke and makes it smoother and less harmful for your lungs. Bongs are used commonly by smokers for recent few years. It comes in many styles and designs according to the needs and tastes of smokers.

How are Bongs Made?

Although bongs come in different styles and designs, however, bongs have similar machine work and parts used to filter the smoke that comes out from herbs.

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Bongs are made over a core technique that is similar in all types of bongs. They may be simple or complex according to their designs and the material used. They also contain some additional components such as percolators and ice catchers make them unique and different.

Components of a Bong:

Bongs are available in different sizes, styles, and designs, but all types of bongs have the same components, and the function of these components is also the same. Here we will discuss the main parts of bongs and their construction, which are present in all types of bongs.

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Build the Water Chamber:

The first step to make a bong is to form a water chamber that is the base of the entire bong; it is present in all water pipes. The water chamber is made of glass or other material. For making a water chamber, the glassblowers use a blowtorch to heat the glass. Heat expands the glass, and the artist gives it the desired shape. For this purpose, the artist needs to rotate the glass continually to give it the desired shape.

When the glass is hot, the bong maker gives it a shape of a water chamber according to the bong design. He uses a tool to make a hole inside the water chamber, and it is commonly where the downstream of the bong will fit.

How are bongs made?

Making the Stem:

In second step after making the water chamber is to make the stem or neck; connects the water chamber with a bowl or bong. The glassblower applies more heat above the water chamber, and it expands in the form of a cylinder. The blower rotates the glass to give it a shape of a cylinder and makes the neck of the bong. This cylinder or tube is wider and longer than another water tube of bong. After making the neck of the bong, the artist joins to its base by using a spinning tool known as a lathe.

Making the Mouthpiece:

The third step is to build the mouthpiece of the bong for smoking the herbs, tobacco, and other substances. When the neck of the bong is complete, the artist makes the mouthpiece that is on the top of the stem of the bong. For making the mouthpiece, he heats the glass again. He separates the extra length of the neck and attaches the mouthpiece smoothly with the neck of the bong. He rotates the pipe of the neck to give it a specific shape and size. Then he smoothly makes the neck of the bong into a mouthpiece.

Bowl and Downstem:

In most bongs, the bowls and down stems are removable to make it easy to clean the bong device. The diameter of the bowl and downstem is smaller than the size of a bong. It must be fit into the hole of the water chamber and on the right side of the downstream. The bowl is used to put the herbs, tobacco, and other smoking substances.

Material Used in Bongs:

Bong is an important factor in choosing the best bong device for you. Most bongs are made of plastic or glass but other materials are also used in bongs. Here we will discuss the types of material used.

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Glass Bongs:

Glass bongs are the most common types of bong; smokers use because they give a pure and clean taste of smoking substances. These types of bongs are easy to use and clean because they have a removable bowl, and there is no complexity in their design.

Ceramics bongs:

Ceramic is another material that artists use to make bongs. Ceramics bongs are heavier than other types of bongs due to the nature of the material used in their building. Ceramics is a durable but also expensive than other materials used for making bongs. The bongs made of ceramics have more options regarding colors, sizes, and designs.

Silicone Bongs:

Silicone is another material that is not too expensive but durable, and there is no risk of breaking if you keep it with care. It does not cost high, and you can also use it during your journey anywhere because it does not break easily. The bongs made of silicone may affect the taste of smoke slightly.

Metal Bongs:

Metal is a very durable material that is used in making bongs. But the metal bongs are rarely available in the market due to expensive materials. It also does not affect the taste of smoke, and you can use a bong made from metal for a long time.

Bamboo Bongs:

Bamboo is another common and simple material used in bongs. People have been using bamboo bongs since ancient times. You can use these bongs for a long time if you take care of them and do not affect the taste of smoke.

Some other Accessories:

Although all types of bongs have the same components regardless of the material used in them. Some bongs have extra components or parts like percolators and ice catchers. Glass bongs have these pieces that add more versatility and beauty to them.

Ice Catchers:

An ice catcher is a circular tray that fits inside the stem or neck of the glass bongs, for holding ice cubes. The function of these ice cubes is to cool the smoke and give a unique taste to other types of bongs. This trey contains holes inside it and fits into the bong’s neck.


Percolators are available in different sizes, designs, and shapes; used for creating bubbles in the water chamber. This bubbling action is a unique function of percolators that makes percolator bongs different from ice catchers and a simple bong. You pull the smoke from the water chamber for performing the bubbling action in percolators. There produce a lot of tiny bubble in water chamber which make the smoke smooth and tasty.

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The Bottom Lines:

Bong is a smoking device having a large variety in its shapes, designs, and types of materials. Smokers prefer to use bongs because they give tasty and smooth smoke. The bongs have a water chamber, a neck, a bowl, and a mouthpiece. Artists use a large variety of materials to make bongs as glass, metal, bamboo, ceramics, and vinyl. Besides these main components, percolators and ice catchers are also used in bongs to give the smoke a different and unique taste.

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