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The best bong material according to your choice is important to consider when choosing a bong. There’s nothing better than smoking potent cannabis flowers in bongs. They have met the demands of cannabis enthusiasts for a many years and are considered among the most popular smoking tools. A bong that is of high quality should be included in the collection of every cannabis enthusiast. The typical college dorm no doubt houses several bongs. In this article, we will let you know about the best bong material according to your choice that are available.

Introduction to Bongs

Bongs, also referred to as water pipes, are available in various shapes, colors, and shapes. However, all contain water, which helps cool and filters cannabis smoke before it gets to the lung. Like a hookah, bongs are typically smaller and designed to hold only by one person. Some hookahs are equipped with multiple hoses, each one with mouthpieces.

The bongs do not make usage of the hoses. Instead, the smoker’s mouth is set over an opening in the middle of a tube, through which smoke flows. The principle behind using a bong is to chill the smoking that is breathed by passing it through a chamber or two filled with ice or water. The more contact the smoke is in with water, the cooler and smooth the smoke will be. Though these products vary in shape, size, and even complexity, the only thing they have in common is the ability to provide an enjoyable and refreshing smoking experience.

Roor Bongs

Roor Bongs

The method of delivery of cannabis using a bong is different from smoking a pipe. If you’re taking “bong hit,” a lighter or match is placed above a filled bowl with ground cannabis, much like smoking a pipe. However, this is where the similarities stop. Inhaling smoke passes through the water as bubbles and then flows through the tube until it reaches the smoker’s mouth. Bongs come with carburetors that smokers control. They usually consist of one hole on the side of the bong above the water chamber or the bowl that slides out.

Benefits of Using a Bong

What is it that makes bongs so attractive? What are the reasons you would choose to use a bong instead of pipes or joints? What are the main benefits?

A large part of the appeal is surely due to the size of these bongs and the interesting ornaments on certain bongs. A lot of bongs are over 12” in length, while some are much bigger. Glassblowers who are skilled in the art can make practical and fashionable bongs in many striking styles. Bongs of high quality can showcase the creative skills of a glassblower with innovative and unique designs.


There is the social aspect of using a bong. While many use bongs for smoking alone, an excellent bong makes for a great gathering. Because of their dimensions, the majority of bong smoking is indoors, while people gather. They permit users to consume one bowl by themselves or share it if it’s a very large bowl. Certain bongs are too tall to and require an additional person to ignite the bowl and activate the carburetor while the other user inhales.

Hemper Lunar Lander Bong

Another great benefit of using bongs is that most bongs come with one-hit bowls to ensure that each smoker receives a fresh rich hit in terpenes when it’s time to smoke. The most important thing is that bongs offer smoke filtration with the aid of water. Water filtration is beneficial in creating smoother and more clean smoke.

A few studies have shown that water filtration can eliminate harmful substances like contaminants without decreasing THC levels present in smoke. In the end, bonds are an efficient and convenient instrument to smoke dry herbs and concentrate. Selecting the best bong will affect how it performs and how long it’ll last. Regular maintenance will ensure that your bong appears good and will last for many years to come.

Types of Bong Materials


Silicone bongs are almost impossible to break, except the bowl, which is typically repaired. A high-quality silicone bong is constructed of food-grade silicone, which is flexible, strong, and non-toxic. It is safe to drop it, and won’t break, making it an excellent alternative for people who regularly break bongs.

It’s also perfect for people who are constantly in motion. Some options can be tucked away into a backpack with no fear of ruining the item. No need for a fancy case. There are also bongs made of silicone that roll and are easily transportable or stored in tiny spaces. If you’re planning an outdoor adventure or kicking the dance floor, it’s possible to enjoy bong rips wherever you travel.

Silicone bongs are easy to clean due to the natural non-stick properties of silicone. They can be cleaned using isopropyl alcohol and salt as a glass piece, and you can also use dish soap and hot water. Certain pieces are dishwasher safe, but every piece needs to be washed on its own to avoid the risk of damaging your other dishes.


Glass is by far the most well-known substance used for making bongs. It gives a clear, pure, and fresh taste since glass doesn’t alter the taste or taste of smoking. It is very simple to check for resin build-up since it’s transparent. It’s also easy to clean when the build-up is an issue. Because of these aspects, the glass bongs are typically costlier than other bongs constructed out of other substances.

Hemper Space Car Bong

The strength of glass bongs is dependent on the brand size, design, and size. Overall though, glass bongs are quite durable; however, they are susceptible to breaking when dropped or if they undergo dramatic temperatures that change rapidly.

To know more about glass bongs, click here


Acrylic bongs are mass-produced plastic and typically come at low prices in industrialized nations. The basic idea is that acrylic bongs are incredibly cheap plumbing. They get the job done, are available in various appealing styles and colours, and are simple to find at a low cost. As with all aspects of life, you’ll get the value you spend when buying an entirely new bong. In general, it is a matter of preference. If you’re an experienced Stoner who wants to have a premium smoking experience, then acrylic bongs won’t be the best choice suitable for you. If you’re in search of the cheapest method of smoking the bong, one that is practically indestructible, and you aren’t expecting much from the new bong, then this is the bong for you.


The technical aspect is that ceramic bongs are among the oldest of all. The oldest fragments made of the material were discovered many thousands of years back. However, this material was first used to make bongs later on. In the 1960s and the ’70s, these bongs were surpassed when glass blowing became popular and resulted in glass bongs.

But, it doesn’t suggest that there was an issue with the ceramic. The ceramic bong was outclassed by technology and time. Due to the increasing demands for bongs, makers found a way to handle the situation. Glass bongs were able to be produced in mass quantities and required less time to manufacture, and provided more options for customization. After everything is said and done, ceramic bongs are a great option. They’re durable, sturdy, and efficient. After examining the intricacies of these bongs in the table below, you will be better equipped to determine your own opinion.


Bong Smoking is about having fun. There’s no reason for making the process of smoking marijuana more complicated than it already has to be unless you’re planning to. This is why we suggest trying every one of the various types of bongs discussed in the previous article. You’ll be having fun, and you’ll discover the bong that meets your preferences perfectly.

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