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Recycler bongs are water pipes that use a special water filtration system to filter smoke and offer the smoker better smoking hits. People have been using bongs popularly since the last few decades. They available in an open variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and materials in the market. Bongs are available in various materials; glass, ceramics, wood, metal, and plastic. In this article, we will learn about recycler bongs in detail.

What is a Recycler Bong?

Recyclers are the best type of bong that recycles the water twice to filter the smoke in a better way. A recycle provides ultra-filtered smoke to stoners and offers better and cooler smoking hits. Due to filtering the smoke twice in a recycler, you get cooler and smoother smoking hits.

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A recycler has two chambers and eliminates most carcinogens and pollutants from smoke through filtration. This type of bong eliminates most impurities from smoke and does helps alleviate the cough in stoners. Due to the removal of most impurities and irritants from cannabis and tobacco, they give a healthier step towards smoking. A recycler bong use percolator that causes a bubbling effect in water to filter the smoke completely.

Types of Recycler Bong:

They come in the market; with three different designs; external recycler, internal recyclers, and Klein.

External Recycler Bongs:

External Recycler Bong is a popular and cheapest type of bong in the market. This bong has a very simple design with an external chamber above the water chamber of a bong. The first chamber has a percolator that filters the smoke again after passing in the water chamber of the bong. Both water chambers in the external recycler are linked through an interlinking arm of this bong. This bong is available in the market and at an affordable price for stoners. But the filtration system of this recycler is not too proper as an internal recycler bong.

Internal Recycler Bongs

Internal Recycler bongs are also known as “incycle”, and are the most popular type of bongs. In this type of bong, the internal tube has two chambers for smoke filtration and offers smoother smoking hits. This type of recycler looks like a small tube due to the fitting of chambers in an internal tube.

These recycler bongs are small in size and you can carry these bongs wherever you want for enjoying stoning. This type of bong is durable, and you can use these recyclers for a long time. Glass tubes protect the chamber and you can clean it easily.

Klein Recycler Bongs:

Klein recycler bong is a hybrid bong that has properties of both internal and external recycler bongs. The chamber in this recycler is not inside the tube or outside the glass tube together. In Klein Bong first tube is outside the water chamber for intake, and the other glass tube is inside the water chamber for filtration.

Klein is the best recycler bong than other both types; external recyclers and internal recyclers. But this type of recycler needs too much care in the cleaning process and is also very expensive than external and internal bongs.

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How do Recycler Bongs Work?

A recycler bong works through two chambers, connected by tubes, and recycles the water for better filtration of smoke. Water removes all impurities, toxins, and carcinogens from smoke through filtration and offers a better smoking taste to the smoker.

  • Fill the water chamber of your recycler bong with water and grind the smoking substance such as cannabis or tobacco.
  • After filling the bowl with ground cannabis or tobacco, light it for starting the bong to work.
  • The recycler has two chambers for better and complete filtration of smoke in the bong. The first chamber allows both water and smoke for filtration and is also known as a reservoir.
  • The second chamber in a recycler has a percolator that creates a bubble in water and filters the water through a separate tube. It creates bubbles, releases smoke after filtration, and passes this smoke into the reservoir chamber through a glass tube.
  • It repeats this process to filter smoke and offer smoother hits to the smoker. Smoke comes in the reservoir chamber and then in the percolator for bubble filtration.
  • The percolator chamber passes the smoke again in the reservoir chamber for smoking and then in the mouthpiece. This process is repeated in whole smoking, and you get better and cooler smoking hits in a Recycler Bong

What does a Recycler Bong Filter?

This bong is a durable type of bong and performs the filtration in a better way than other types of bongs. A recycler has two chambers; a percolator chamber and a reservoir chamber. This bong recycles water twice for better filtration of smoke and removing most impurities from smoking substances.

Most of the users think that recycler bong recycles the smoke two times, but actually, this bong filters water twice for better filtration in the reservoir and percolator chamber.

Benefits of Recycler Bongs:

A recycler bong offers you the benefits of smoother and cooler smoking hits. This type of bong filters the water and does not allow it to enter the water in the mouthpiece. A bong provides the following benefits for you:

Better Filtration:

This one has two additional chambers for filtering the impurities and most carcinogens from smoke. The reservoir chamber of this bong removes all impurities from cannabis and tobacco to offer you smoother smoking hits. The percolator creates bubbles for filtration of smoke again in the second chamber of the recycler.

Smother Smoking Hits:

In a recycler bong, you get an amazing and pure flavor of tobacco, cannabis, and herbs; because it removes most impurities from these substances. The percolator does not allow any impurity or water in the mouthpiece. Bubbles in the percolator chamber remove most impurities from cannabis and tobacco to offer smoother smoking hits to stoners.

Use of Percolator:

Percolator is an additional feature and benefit of this bong that filters smoke using twice filtration process. Percolator in this bongs cools down the smoke and does not harm your lungs or lips. When you inhale smoke from the mouthpiece, it is cooler and smoother than other types of bongs.

To know more about glass percolators, click here

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Easy to Clean:

Recycler bongs are easy to clean because the design of these bongs is not complicated. You can clean both chambers of recycler bong; using a bong spray, bong cleaner, or vinegar at home easily.

To know more about cleaning bongs, click here


These Bongs are available in three different types of designs in the market, and you can buy These bong according to your budget. External recycle bongs are not expensive, and you can buy them at a cheap rate. Klein Recycler Bongs are more expensive, but they are durable, and you can use them for a long time once purchased.

Final Words

Bongs are the most popular smoking pipes for better and smoother smoking hits. They are available in various types and designs in the market for the best smoking experience. These are popular types of bong because they use an additional feature of percolator; to offer smoother and cooler smoking hits. These bongs have three different types, eternal, internal, and Klein.

They are easy to use and clean because they do not have a complicated structure. They eliminate most impurities and carcinogens from cannabis and tobacco to give you the pure flavor of smoking substances.

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