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In this article, you will know how to clean a bong in a dishwasher and use it for a long time once purchased.

A bong is a water pipe people use for smoking tobacco, cannabis, and herbs to get better smoking hits other than cigarettes and E-cigarettes. You can use a bong device for a long time if you keep it clean and with care. A bong is the best smoking device in terms of smoking hits and price. There is an open variety of bong designs available in the market in different types of material; glass, ceramics, wood, acrylic, etc. You can buy a bong according to your need and choice.

What is a Bong?

A bong is a smoking pipe that offers you better and cooler smoking hits through a water filtration system and removes all impurities from smoke. Bongs are available in different shapes and materials; glass, ceramics, silicon, plastic, and bamboo. You can use these bongs for a long time if you clean them properly with water. You can smoke cannabis, tobacco, herbs, and other smoking substances in a bong.

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A bong has a water chamber for filtration, a bowl for cannabis or tobacco, a downstream to connect water chamber, and a mouthpiece to smoke cannabis. You need to clean all parts of a bong for better smoking hits and use it for a long time.

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Cleaning a Bong in a Dishwasher:

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Bongs are available in different types of materials; silicon, glass, plastic, and wood. If you want to wash a bong in the dishwasher, you need special care in some materials such as glass. Bongs use smoking substances such as tobacco, cannabis, and herbs in a bowl. When you want to clean your bong in a dishwasher, you must clean your bong first with alcohol, or a bong cleaner. It will help you to pre-clean a bong in the dishwasher properly.

Here we will discuss cleaning a bong in a dishwasher with different types of materials; plastic, glass, and silicon.

Cleaning Glass Bongs in a Dishwasher:

You can clean a glass bong in a dishwasher, but you need more care when cleaning it because some bongs do not have strong glass materials. If you are cleaning a glass bong, be careful and attentive. Glass bongs cannot bear too much pressure and may break if you do not hold it strongly. You can clean a simple glass bong easily and cannot use the dishwasher for tube-shaped bongs.

You can separate the parts of a glass bong, down stem, and bowl to clean them in a dishwasher. If you have a simple glass bong, you can clean it in a dishwasher by adding some detergent or a bong cleaner. You can clean the bowl, down stem, and connector of a glass bong in a dishwasher. You can put your bong in the dishwasher, but sometimes it does not clean your glass bong completely.

Glass bongs have percolators that you cannot clean in a dishwasher properly.

Cleaning Plastic Bongs in a Dishwasher:

The anatomy of a plastic bong is very simple, and plastic is a strong material; as compared to glass. Moreover, plastic bongs do not have percolators that need care, and you cannot clean a percolator in a dishwasher. Plastic bongs have a bowl and downstem made of metals that are strong materials.

GRAV Orbis Coppa Water Pipe

You can use a dishwasher to clean a plastic bong easily and without worrying about breaking your bong. Plastic is a strong material, and you can clean your plastic bong in a dishwasher. But the matter is that, do you want to clean something in your dishwasher where you clean your dishes and another crockery?

Cleaning Silicon Bongs in Dishwasher:

Silicon is a very strong material, and bongs made from silicon are also strong, which you can easily wash and clean without worrying about being broken. You can clean a silicon bong in a dishwasher easily without worrying about your bong being broken. But your dishwasher is not safe for cleaning a silicon bong in it because the stuff and resin of bongs can damage the dishwasher machine and may harm your dishwasher.

Use a spray or bong cleaner for washing a silicon bong in a dishwasher; to remove dust and resin. This process will help you; to clean your bong in the dishwasher without damaging the machine or pipes of the dishwasher. It also helps in the proper cleaning of your silicon bongs.

Is it Safer to Clean Bongs in a Dishwasher?

Is it safer or not to clean a bong in a dishwasher? It depends on the bong’s materials you want to clean in a dishwasher; you should take care of glass bongs while cleaning in the dishwasher. Glass is not too strong material and may break while cleaning a bong in a dishwasher. On the other hand, silicone bongs and plastic bongs have strong materials, and you can clean them easily in a dishwasher.

To clean a bong in the dishwasher may damage your dishwasher. The resin from bong could damage your dishwasher and also affect its working. So if you want to clean your bong in a dishwasher, you should clean your bong with alcohol or bong cleaner first. You can also remove the resin with a brush before putting a bong in a dishwasher.

Why should You Clean your Bong Before Every Use?

Each device requires a proper cleaning for using it a long time and its better performance. Bongs also need to be cleaned properly, getting better smoking hits for a long time. If you clean your bong device properly, you can use it instead of replacing it with a new one. The primary feature of a bong is to provide smoother and cooler smoking hits. If you would not clean your bongs, you cannot get a better result.

Moreover, if you would not clean all parts of a bong, bowl, and water chamber, bongs cannot filter the smoke in a better way. So for getting the proper result of a bong, you should clean your bong device properly after every use.

Benefits of Cleaning a Bong:

There are unlimited benefits of cleaning bongs after use and some of these benefits are as below:

Get Better Water filtration:

Proper cleaning of bongs improves the water filtration of a bong. A clean water chamber of bong performs better filtration of smoke than a dirty water chamber. If the water chamber of a bong is dirty, it cannot remove all impurities from the smoke of tobacco and cannabis. It may harm your lungs and can cause coughing.

Enjoy Smoother Smoking Hits:

An obvious benefit of cleaning a bong is to get smoother and better smoking hits from your bong. If the water chamber, bowl, and mouthpiece are clean, you will get better and smoother smoking hits from your bong. But if you do not clean the water chamber and bowl of your bong properly, you cannot get better and smoother smoking hits.

A Clean glass bong Looks Beautiful:

Bongs are available in an open variety of designs, materials, and prices. But how expensive bong you buy, you need to clean it properly for better result and use it for a long time. Moreover, a clean bong looks beautiful and masterpiece than a dirty bong device. You must clean your bong properly.


Less Risk of Respiratory issues:

A dirty bong cannot perform better filtration and remove most impurities from smoke before reaching it in the mouthpiece. If you use a dirty bong, it can cause coughing and other respiratory issues. A clean bong removes most impurities and chemicals from smoke when it passes from the water chamber and is less likely to cause coughing.

Final Words:

The primary and most important feature of a bong is; to filter the smoke and clean it through water filtration. You need to clean a bong for its better performance and use it for a long time instead of buying a new one all the time. You can clean your bong in a dishwasher, but remember, hot water can damage some parts of the bong. You should pre-clean it using alcohol or bong cleaner before cleaning a bong in a dishwasher, removing all resin and dust from it.

You can clean a silicon and plastic bong in a dishwasher without worrying about breaking it, but in the case of glass bong, be careful so you don’t damage your glass bong.

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