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A bong is an efficient and safe way of smoking or inhaling a substance as it provides you filtered and clean smoke to give a smoother experience, and how to fill a bong (correct water measure) is an important tep. The bong smoke is a lot less harsh than using a joint as it is safer for your health and helps you avoid some of the health concerns regarding it. Now, how you use the bong matters and how you put together its components. As we know, water levels are an essential aspect that needs to be perfect in the bong, but why? Through this article, you will explore more about the bong’s water level, how to fill it, and why it even matters.

What is a Bong?

A bong is a very commonly used device because it is very usable and portable for a user, which are the essential qualities everyone looks for while buying such appliances.

In a bong device, the gas flows from the lower part of the device, which is on the left side, and then moves to the upper part at the right for you to smoke. The devices that are similar to bong induce the same function, but the difference between them is that bong is much smaller and more portable. Bong is an elementary apparatus as it comprises a few parts, including an air and water vessel with a bowl, a stem, and a small hole known as the carburetor.

How to Fill a Bong (Correct Water Measure)

How to fill a bong (correct water measure) can be a little tough and messy thing to do, determining whether they will have a good experience. Now, filling the bong with water seems a minor and little something to do, but it can impact your smoking and inhalation if you do not do it correctly. Following are the steps that you should consider while filling a bong with water:

  1. The first step is to pour water into the bong through the mouthpiece or stem, and both are an option. Try to add the water slowly so that you do not spill the water and avoid creating a mess.
  2. Now, take a test drag by inhaling through the mouthpiece without lighting anything so that you can make sure that the water is high enough and you can hear the water bubble. If there are no bubbles, then add more water.
  3. While filling the bong, when you try to draw during the test, if water is getting into your mouth or even touching your mouth, it is very much advisable for you to take water out of the bong by tilting to move extra water from the bong.
  4. Finally, when the water is settled enough, then make sure the down stem is completely submerged.
  5. Afterward, the only thing left for you is to light the bong and add the substances you want to inhale.


These are the steps that you should follow for filling the bong with water. Another interesting question asked by the users a lot of time is that they can use other liquids rather than water. So, the fluids you can use include wine, cranberry juice, citrus peel, iced tea, and warm tea. All these liquids are acceptable for you to use to have various experiences with the bong.


But it is always advisable to be cautious before adding another liquid other than water as you may be aware of the results.

How Much Water Should You Put in the Bong?

Before discussing how much water you should put in the bong, it is essential to know why even water levels matter. The story of water in a bong can either make your experience a good or bad one as with the correct water level, you can enjoy filtered and cool smoke and quickly draw the smoke from the filtered water.

But when there is too much water in the bong, your lungs have to do a lot of work to pull the smoke, and you may also end up getting water in your mouth. On the other side, if the water level is too low, then it means that you are not using the bong correctly and you are not taking full advantage of it, which is why it is essential for you to to maintain the water level at the correct measurement in the bong for the perfect experience.


the simple answer to how much water you should put in the bong is that the water should be enough for the down stem, and the slit should be entirely submerged in water. And if your bong does not have slits, then make sure that the down stem bottom is about half-inch into the water. If you feel like the water is not enough, you can add more as long as the water does not reach your mouth when you inhale from the bong.

The quantity of water can change depending upon the size of the bong, so always consider this aspect before adding water so that you get the correct measurements without any error.

Replacement of the Bong Water

The water in the bong filters the smoke and impacts the flavor of the smoke, which makes it necessary for you to replace your bong water after 1=3 sessions of smoke. When you change the bong water regularly, you reduce the cleaning procedure of the bong as it does not get messy a lot which makes your smoking experience healthier and clean.

Hemper Phaser Bong

It is best if you do not leave water in the bong and remove it after every use even it is not very convenient. Still, it will make you sure that you are getting the cleanest and purest smoke, and it also enables you to avoid any mold or bacterial build-up on it

Replacement of the bong water is a must thing to do if you want to keep the maintenance of the device and to increase its durability rather the decreasing its longevity.

The Final Takeaway

A bong is a water filtration device used to smoke or inhale various substances; now, filling a bong with water seems a minor task. But if you do not perform this step carefully and precisely, it can affect your entire smoking experience.

More than overly, we are well aware that the correct water level and stability are essential for the bong to work perfectly so that it will be able to yield the best results for you. So, knowing how to fill a bong and correct water measurement is essential for you, even if you are an expert or a beginner.

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