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A bong is a smoking device or a water pipe; people use it for smoking tobacco, herbs, and other smoking substances. It is a filtration device that filters the smoke of herbs through the water. People had been using this smoking device since ancient times. It contains a water chamber to filter the smoke, a bowl to put the herbs, and a mouthpiece to smoke the herbs.

Bongs are available in a large variety of designs and shapes. Some types of bongs contain percolators and ice catchers, make the taste of smoke unique and smooth. The size, material, and designs of bongs vary greatly; you can purchase all types of bongs from the market.

History of Smoking Bongs:

Bong or water pipe is not a new device; people have been using this device for smoking since ancient times. The origin of this device came from Thailand, and people of Africa and Asia also used this smoking device in the 1100 and 1400 centuries. But in past years, there was not such a large variety of bongs that is available now.

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People of Asia and Africa used bongs for smoking dry herbs. While in the 19th-century, smokers started to use glass bongs for smoking tobacco and other substances.

How to Smoke a Bong?

To smoke a bong, the smokers have to inhale the smoke from the water chamber through a mouthpiece. They need to fill the water chamber with water, bowl with herbs, or any other substance. It is also necessary to clean the bong device to use it for a long time. Here is some instruction for how to use a bong device.

Fill Water In water Chamber of Your Bong:

To smoke a bong, fill the water chamber of your bong with water. The amount of water depends on the size of your bong and water chamber. You need to fill the water in your bong perfectly to smoke it well. You can use the thumb rule for filling water in your bong. You can flow out the extra water from the water chamber by checking it through inhaling from the mouth. Keep the water level of your water chamber 1 or 2 inches above your downstem. It will help you to smoke the herbs easily and perfectly.

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Grind Up Your Herbs:

To fill the herbs in your bong, you need to grind these herbs or other smoking materials before putting them in your bong device. You can grind the smoking herbs or tobacco with the help of your fingers, but it will be best if you use a herb grinder for grinding the materials you want to fill and smoke in your bong. Grind these herbs finely but do not grind too much in a powder form. If you mesh the smoking material in powder, they will gain dust texture, and you will not gain a smooth smoke taste.

Fill Your Herbs in Bowl:

After grinding the herbs in a fine form, fill these herbs in the bowl of your bong device. The bowl is a piece of glass having a funnel or beaker shape that holds your herbs. Do not pack your bowl with too many ground herbs; fill them to a low level to smoke them well. You can fill it in again when you want.

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When you have filled the water chamber with water and bowl of your bong with ground herbs, it is ready for smoking. Use your right or left hand, your dominant hand, and place the mouthpiece in your mouth. To smoke the herbs, lighten you’re lighter and circle the bowl near the flame until you want to smoke the herbs. Keep your lips inside the mouthpiece for inhaling the smoke of herbs.

Some Tips to smoke a Bong:

People use bongs popularly to smoke their favorite herbs, tobacco, or other substances. We have discussed above how to smoke a bong. Now here are some tips for you to enjoy your bong perfectly. You can follow these tips if you want to inhale a fine, smooth and cool smoke from your bong device.

  • Practice deep breathing before smoking a bong; it will help you to smoke the bong perfectly and enjoy smoking in the best ways. Increase your breathing capacity if you are a beginner and want to enjoy your bong for smoking your favorite herbs.
  • Finely grind your herbs but do not grind them in a powder form so that they do not gain a dust texture. In this form, they will not give a smooth smoke.
  • Fill the water chamber of your bong in a better level, fill the water chamber by using the thumb rule and keep its level one or two inches above the downstream. Water makes the smoke smooth, and you experience different tastes.
  • Cool the smoke before smoking it; you can use ice catchers or percolators for this purpose. Smoke the herbs when the smoke becomes cool to a little bit.
  • Use the size of the bowl according to the hits you want to enjoy. You can use a large bowl size for a small bong and a small bowl for a large bong to enjoy better smoke hits.
  • To avoid coughing effects, you need to exhale properly after inhaling the smoke. If you do not exhale the smoke properly, you may fall into lungs problems.

Advantages of Smoking from a Bong:

Bongs are smoking device that filters the smoke of herbs and make it less harmful for your lungs. Here are some advantages of smoking from a bong.

Easy to Use:

Bong is easy to use and smoke, unlike other smoking devices. You just add water in the water chamber, fill the ground herbs in a bowl, and enjoy the smoke hits using a lighter. It is also easy to clean the bong, and you can use it for a long time.

Bongs Filter the Smoke:

The most attractive and unique feature of bongs is that it filters the smoke. Water in the water chamber filters the smoke and makes it less harmful for your lungs. Water removes the toxins and carcinogens from smoke; are present in your herbs or cannabis by filtering them finely. When smoke passes from the water chamber, it eliminates all toxins in the water and becomes free of toxins.

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Makes the taste of smoke Better and Smooth:

The water filtration system in bongs makes the smoke taste better, cooler, and smooth than other smoking devices. It makes the smoke better for your health and removes all toxins. The use of percolators and ice catchers in bongs gives you a unique and smooth taste of smoke.

Easy to Clean:

The designs and shapes of bongs are not too complex, so you can clean your bongs easily to avoid bacterial effects. Clean the percolator or bubbler after smoking it with hot water.

Bongs are Environment Friendly:

As the smoking material used in bongs is naturally grown such as herbs and tobacco. So smoking bongs are environment friendly and do not cause any harmful effects on your lungs.

Bongs are Versatile and not real Costly:

Bongs are not too costly, and you can use a bong once purchased for a long time. Bongs are available in a large variety of styles and materials. You can buy a bong according to your choice.

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