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It’s no surprise that bongs are a common piece of equipment for cannabis enthusiasts. Because of the water contained within, it helps to cool down smoke and filter out any tar or ash that might otherwise enter your lungs. Every once in a while you will need to refill your bong with water. Is that why? Why doesn’t water just keep working? We’ll discuss this in more detail below. Regular replacement is crucial if you want to get maximum enjoyment from your bong water. In this article we will let you know how to change your bong water.

What’s the point of Bong Water?

There are many types of bongs, but they all have the same thing. They have at least one large water chamber. The water you use to fill your bong(s) with is important because it creates that soothing bubbling sound that tells you that your bong is working.

First, water in your bong acts as a filter; Combusting cannabis changes the chemical composition, changing THCA (a nontoxicating acid) to THC, the cannabinoid responsible for getting you high. The act of burning creates hundreds secondary toxic which are often called “tar”. Studies have shown that cannabis smoke is qualitatively very comparable to tobacco smoke. Both are rich in polycyclic aroma hydrocarbons (naturally found in gasoline, coal, and crude oil) which are well-known for their carcinogenic, mutagenic, and other properties.

Bong water is able to capture at least some of the compounds in smoke and filter out any ash from plants before they reach your mouth or airways. It is not a perfect filter. It is not perfect, but it does the job well enough that it can be used in a long-term way to make smoking safer. The water in your bong cools the smoke, which makes it easier to inhale and less irritating for your lungs.

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What Does Bong Water Filter Smoke Like?

It is a small piece of smoke that sits in the bottom of your pipe. So how does bong water filter smoking work? Studies have shown that regular tobacco (herb) smoke is chemically different from tobacco (herb) smoked through a water pipe. Studies dating back to 1960s show that water pipes can act as a filter. They trap up to 90% of phenols as well as particulate matter up to 50% and benzo(a), an aromatic carbon hydrocarbon.

Another study compared the carcinogenic properties bong water with water-filtered smoke. This research revealed that bong water was much more carcinogenic than smoke it had filtered. Since the early days of cigarette smoking, people have been studying the filtration process. Producers and smokers began to learn more about the role of tobacco in lung cancer. They sought out mechanisms that could reduce these carcinogens. Half of all filter cigarettes convinced smokers and producers that smoking was safe. It is difficult to place a filter on a hand rolled joint.

The mechanics of the hookah tradition made it logical to adopt them. Water will remove 50% of harmful hydrocarbons and 90% cardiovascular toxins in ideal conditions. It is true, however, that water may still contain filtered carcinogens.

Improved Filtration

The toxins and irritants will float around the water if you use the bong. Fluid Physics reduces the fluid’s ability to filter because this debris grows with every use.

Smoother Taste

Dirty water has tars, carbon ash and will result in a less smooth flavor. These chemicals will affect the taste and cannabinoid effects from the cannabis strain you have purchased.

Bong longevity

Dirty water can clog pipes and percolators. The Bong is a mechanical device that can be damaged over time. Clean water will ensure a longer life span.

Save Stash

If your bong water has been cleaned, you will use less dry herbs. Clean water will allow you to use less of the “fuel” cannabis for the best results. It is still a good way to consume cannabis.

There is less risk to your health

Bong water that has been left behind can harbor harmful bacteria and mold. Dirty water indicates that you don’t clean your Bong often. This makes it a perfect place to store your asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory conditions, such as pneumonia. Bad water smells are an authentic aroma. Nature’s way to warn you to never drink the bong water. Clean water is essential for a good cannabis experience. Veterans choose strains that are pleasing to their senses of taste and smell. They will not be satisfied if the aroma is altered.

You will have a better overall experience: Old bong water can turn brown with cannabis debris. It can affect taste and pose health risks. It will also turn off other users because bongs are often shared.

Avoid mold

Every organic material has some water and is looking for more. If the Bong is left in its warm, wet interior, it invites mold and fungi to grow. Even if the Bong is used frequently, the water in the Bong can still be susceptible to pathogen growth. If you see mildew in the water, you may have inhaled polluted water.

Eliminate Resin

Resin is bad for your health and the Bong. It can be hazardous. It can be dangerous. Some people scrape out the resin and reuse it to increase its strength. Resin can be loaded with mold and carbon.

Prevent biofilm

Biofilm can form on any surface if it is not changed regularly. Because it provides a surface on which parasites and germs can attach, the cloudy film is a sign of contamination.

How often should you change your bong water?

It is up to you how often you clean or change your bong water. However, it is best to do this more often than not. We want to preserve the taste of our marijuana and provide the best possible smoking experience. We recommend that you clean your bong after each use and that you change the water every session.

To know more about filling your bong with water, click here

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Bongs are amazing; cleaning them is another story. Some people with more money than patience may even purchase a new bong more frequently rather than maintaining and cleaning the old one. While most cannabis smokers will not go nearly that far, depending on your methods, cleaning resin from bongs can vary from unpleasant to impossible. Fortunately, this does not have to be a painstaking process. With a few precautions and the proper cleaning products, you can make crystal-clear glass the standard for your bongs.

Disclaimer:  This article is for reference only. No type of smoking is completely safe regardless of the smoking instrument used. Please do your own due-diligence before taking up or participating any type of recreational smoking.


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