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It’s normal to desire more; some may even claim it’s healthier. The desire to have the best objects in our lives is the main reason people get to where they wish to be. In the case of bongs, one of the most exquisite items can be a bong with an ice pinch. An upgrade compared to its predecessors, bongs with an ice pinch are the next stage of the smoking process. Many who experience the cool hits from ice in their bong for the first time love them and never return to traditional bongs. Because of this love for cooler hits, we decided to dedicate an entire article to it. After reading this, we’re pretty sure that you’ll be tempted to test one! So, be sure to read till the end!

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Ice used to cool bong hits can make smoking more comfortable for your lungs. An ice pinch bong is are intended to help you take some relief from the heat that comes with smoking from a bong.

Roor 14″ Snapper Bong 32x4mm With Ice Pinch - Tie-Dye 01

While there is no such bong type named ice bongs, some bongs have notches that can contain ice cubes, people refer to them as “Ice Bongs”. There is a distinct temperature difference when you rip a bong with or without ice. We’ll talk about whether or not the ice notches are an absolute necessity in all bongs, however for now:

What is the Logic behind Ice and Bongs?

Some people suggest a way to get around this is to put your bong in a warm place for a while to melt the ice or allow the ice to melt a little to keep the bong from over filling with water. Another option is that is filling your bong with cold water instead of using any ice. The rip is smoother as the water was cold initially, which means there’s less heat to the beginning. There is also no water vapor or extra melt-off water from melting ice.

8" Heavy Wall Beaker Water Pipe - 08

Why Should I Fill My Bong with Ice?

To be honest, a bong does not NEED ice. However, it is beneficial. Adding ice to your bong enhances the filtration process. When smoke passes through the bong’s body, it will eventually come into contact with the ice, lowering the temperature of the smoke to a far more comfortable level. Even a few ice cubes will have a measurable effect on the smoke. You should, however, keep a close eye on the water level in the water chamber. Due to the gradual melting of the ice, you should keep an eye on the water chamber’s capacity and empty it as necessary.

How Are Ice Catchers Functioned?

Despite their innovative theory, ice catchers have a relatively simple design and function. Typically, the ice catcher is comprised of three pieces of glass that protrude from the bong’s interior. Thus, the ice catcher maintains the ice’s elevation simply by suspending it. Remove the ice cubes after your smoking session if you do not want the ice to melt into the water chamber. That is all.

Bong with an ice catcher in the shape of a geometric

With a new style of ice catcher, new bong innovation is pushing these boundaries. Rather than pinched glass, these bongs feature an ice catcher in the shape of a trapezoid that doubles as a shelf. Additionally, it offers all of the benefits associated with standard ice catchers.

Are All Bongs Equipped with Ice Catchers?

While ice catchers have gained popularity in recent years, not all bongs have included them. If you’re an improvisational smoker, you may be able to improvise an ice catcher on your existing piece. However, the ice catcher is likely to break eventually—or worse, your bong may shatter.

What are the Pros and Cons of making use of the ice in bong?

Apart from reducing the temperature of the harsh hot smoke, there are other advantages of smoking ice in a bong you may not even be aware of.


This is the most crucial of the things that an ice catcher could help you with. The ice contained in the catcher does more to remove smoke. Ice provides a fresh and clear hit each time. Additionally, with improved filtration comes many positive knock-on effects, as we’ll see later.

It Just Looks Cool

Okay, this may be somewhat of a cheap reason, but it’s the truth. Every person who smokes bongs secretly desires to become an insane scientist. This is the 21st century, and scientific gadgets are in and will stay for a long time. High-quality glass bong with an ice-catcher provides the satisfaction of smoking that is hard to quantify. Smoke is visible, rising like The Dr. Frankenstein of bongs giving life to what could be a routine.

Bong Water Tastes Disgusting

It’s a good thing that this does not need to be pointed out to anyone here, but let us tell you for yourself that bong water is disgusting. It contains all the residue, the ash which can even be harmful. Nobody wants to taste the taste of water from a bong. The taste of bong water has been associated with 100% of people not ever wanting to experience the bong again (Yes it tastes bad).

Bigger Rips

If you’re interested in bongs, you’re likely to aim for the best hits you can. If you filter your smoke more effectively, it will be smoother. If it’s softer, you’ll be able to take it in more effectively. More powerful hits for everyone! Ice catchers got you covered.

Do You Need Ice Notches in a Bong?

No, you’ll be comfortable without these. Ice notches are purely dependent on personal preference. Certain stoners are adamant about the idea, and others are opposed. The majority of modern bongs have an ice-catcher.


Although the bong is indeed a slightly more expensive piece of equipment. It is indeed worth it. Putting ice in a bong is top of the line when smoking comfort is a consideration and is the most sought-after name in the world of smoking luxury.

Disclaimer:  This article is for reference only. No type of smoking is completely safe regardless of the smoking instrument used. Please do your own due-diligence before taking up or participating any type of recreational smoking.

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