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Glass bongs have enjoyed a long history of popularity due to their simplicity of use. They are less complicated to use than a joint and require less preparation. Unfortunately, they can be very difficult to clean due the high amount of resin accumulation. This is especially true if the filtration technology is more complex. It is not only important to clean your bongs well, but it also makes them look better. Like stagnant puddle water, bong water can be contaminated with bacteria and fungi. Bong water can also be contaminated with yeasts or other microbes. These compounds should not be inhaled or consumed by accident. If the water forms a layer called biofilm on the surface of the water, it is time to remove it. Biofilm can form on the water’s surface. It may harbor a variety of diseases including E. coli and Strep. These toxins can be harmful if inhaled. Although the bong can filter out dangerous elements, it cannot do so with pure water.

When is It Time to Clean Your Bongs?

You know your bong is dirty when a ring forms around its waterline, or if you can see tiny floaters or resin in your purified water. These tiny particles combined with bacteria or mildew are what gives your bong that distinctive smell.

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Both experts recommend that you clean your pipe or bong at least once a week. Many bong owners are meticulous about cleaning their bongs every day. You can keep it clean and prevent it from getting clogged up. While we clean bongs, you can also listen to music or a podcast. It is important to remember all the sacrifices made for legalization by Black and Brown people. Legalization is the law that lets you clean your bong worry-free!

How to Keep Your Bong Clean

It is not rocket science to clean and prepare your bong. Take out any removable parts, such as the bowl and downstem, to get the best results. You can add 91% or 99% of isopropyl Alcohol to your bong. Add some Epsom or rock salt as an abrasive. For five minutes shake the bong, then rinse the bowl with warm water and soap. Although vinegar and rice are also possible, we prefer the first.  You can also purchase some ready made bong cleaners, most of them work fine also.

Although you can buy commercial pipe cleaners, many aren’t always the best for the planet. For the most part, we find that isopropyl alcohol (or rock salt) works well. This method works, and we love it. This method supports the idea of conserving cannabis’ legacy and continuing to use what has worked for so long. Be mindful of the conservation and preservation of our planet, as well as our waterways. Don’t waste the water you use to wash.

Why Cleaning A Bong Is Important

The bong is a popular piece of equipment for many cannabis lovers. The water in the bongs, and the design that allows it, cools the smoke and filters out any tar and ash.

You will occasionally need to change the water in your bong every once in awhile. Why is this? Isn’t it the water that keeps doing its job? As we’ll show you, regular replacement is important if your bong water needs to work properly.

The Health Benefits of Regularly Changing Bong Water

To put it in perspective, here are the main advantages of changing your bong water every other day:

More flavor

Your weed’s flavor can be greatly affected by the amount of resin, tar, and ash that is trapped in your bong. You can preserve the flavor of your kush by making sure to clean your bong water frequently and filling it with natural spring water.

Better filtering

Filtering harmful compounds and toxins from smoke is easier with clean water. For the best bong water filtration, it is important to change the water frequently.

Longer-lasting glassware

Glass pipes and bongs last longer if they are properly maintained. Regular cleaning of your bong will keep it free from stains and imperfections. Follow these instructions to maintain your glassware for as long as you can.

How Many Times Should You Change Your Bong Water Every Day?

Personal preference will dictate how often you change the water in your bong or clean it. However, it is best to change your bong water more often than not. We are passionate about preserving the taste of our weed, and making sure that you have the best experience possible. Therefore, it is important to clean your bong prior to each use. Also, make sure you change your bong water after each session.

To know more about filling your bong with water, click here

Bong Water for Plants

While you might not want the water to go to waste, you may thinks it’s possible to give it to your plants…probably not. You can think of your bong water as the filter tip on a cigarette. Bong water is the same thing. There is no practical use for bongwater other than to flush it down the sink.

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Maintenance: How to Keep Your Bong Clean and Tidy

Water Stains

Unfiltered tap water or spring water can cause water stains in your pipes. This is due to the mineral content. These marks can be hard to get rid of, but they are easy to avoid. Use filtered water when filling your bong to avoid them. Although it’s a good idea to use filter water for cleaning, this is not a requirement. After cleaning, rinse the bong with filtered drinking water.

Mold Stains

These are the worst. They’re not only disgusting, but they are also extremely difficult to eliminate. You should avoid them. They can be prevented by changing the water in your bongs or bubblers daily and cleaning them thoroughly once a week.


There are only two methods to remove a scratch on glass. These methods can be quite complicated and require you to have specific tools. In addition, you may end up breaking or deforming the bubbler. To prevent scratches, let’s start by being careful. Keep a bongpad nearby to avoid scratches on your bong. Also, if you plan on traveling with your glassware, ensure that it is in a padded bong bag.


This is the most important thing to avoid. You can break your bong by dropping it or knocking it over. Although it is obvious, be careful when using bongs and bubblers. Avoid breakage by keeping your glassware in a hard case or bong bag when not in use.


It doesn’t take much effort to clean your bong. You don’t even need to use toxic chemicals or specialized cleaners. You can make your bong as sparkling clean and clear as new by simply rinsing it with a few natural cleaning ingredients after each use or every other use.


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