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When we talk about smoking, bongs are the most common devices people use for a better smoking taste of herbs and tobacco. A percolator is an addition to a bong that helps to cool the smoke and give better and smoother smoking hits. Percolators are used in bongs to cool down the smoke and filter it to offer pleasurable smoking hits. Percolators are available in different shapes and sizes to make your bong more beneficial for you. You can add a percolator to your bong if it does not contain it inside it. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of percolators.

What is a Percolator?

A percolator is an addition to a bong device that helps to cool down the smoke and give you pleasurable smoking hits. It makes the smoking hits smoother and cool that decreases the coughing. Bong percolators come in different sizes and designs to make your bongs more good-looking. It helps in cooling and filtration of smoke more efficiently than a simple bong due to the pressure of water.

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How does a Bong Percolator Work?

A percolator in a bong makes the smoke cooler and filters it to give the stoners a smother smoking hit. The percolators mostly have a deep shape like a dome; an additional water chamber in a bong to cooler the smoke. This water chamber has another filtration process to filter and cool down the smoke hits.

When you inhale the smoke from the mouthpiece, it passes through the percolator after passing the water chamber; that makes it cooler and smoother. This process makes it easy to inhale the smoke from the mouthpiece and enjoy the smoking hits. The addition of a percolator to a bong; gives the smokers great benefits of a better filtration system that way less coughing because, in addition of a percolator to a bong, the smoke is filtered twice.

Benefits of Percolators

The primary purpose of percolators in a bong is to make the smoke smoother and cooler for better smoking hits. If we talk about the benefits of percolators, a percolator bong offers a lot of advantages than a simple one; regarding smoking hits and health. Here are some benefits of percolators

Makes the Diffusion Process Fast

A percolator increases the process of diffusion to a great extent that helps in better filtration and makes the smoke smoother. The diffusion process allows the filtration system to filter the smoke in a better way. The holes in percolators permit the air to enter in water chamber from all directions and cool the smoke fast. This process helps in making the smoking hits pleasurable and smoother.

Cools Down the Smoke

The most important feature of percolators is to fasten the cooling process and offer the stoner cooler smoking hits. When the smoke comes from the bowl, it is extremely hot up to 2000c. Percolators help in cooling down this smoke to a great extent so that it cannot affect your lungs and throat. Additionally, percolators force the smoke to interact with the water chamber to dissipate its heat in water and become cooler. This cooling process makes the smoke cool down and offers the best cooler and smooth hits.

Moisturizes the Smoke

The dry and direct smoking hits from a water pipe of bong are harmful to your lungs and throat that may cause respirational diseases. Percolators help infiltration the smoke twice that moisturizes the smoke to make it less harmful for your lungs. The water pipes and bongs without percolators may cause an issue of dry smoking hits that is not present in perc bongs.


The addition of percolators to bongs makes the filtrations system better and fast which is a great benefit of percolators. Due to the interaction of smoke with water twice, they make the filtration better and give smoother hits. More bubble in water provides more area for interaction of water and smoke to filter it better than a simple bong without percolators. Better filtration of smoke make the smoke free from contaminates and less harmful for your lungs.

Different Types of Percolators

Percolators are available in a vast variety of sizes and designs that give your bong a pleasurable look and cool down the smoke. It creates more bubbles to filter the smoke and cool it for better filtration. Percolators are available in a different variety; assembled and as a separate chamber in the bong. Here are some types of percolators available in the market.

Inline Percolator

Inline percolator is a tube-shaped chamber has numerous slits inside it to filter the smoke and give the smokers a powerful hit. The presence of more slits in an inline percolator increases the diffusion of bubbles and smoke when they move toward the water chamber.

Tree Percolator

A tree percolator has multiple tubes in a chamber that makes it look like a tree and are connected. These multiple slits are connected at the top, which creates a heavy amount of bubbles to cool the smoke. The air comes from the bottom and moves toward the central tube from each slit.

Swiss Percolator

Swiss percolator is the wildest design of percolator which resembles a glass bottle containing numerous holes all around it. Air enters these holes randomly and filters the smoke without dragging your smoking hits.

Matrix Percolator

When you want a great deal of percolator for your bong, a matrix percolator is the best choice. A matrix percolator has a cylindrical shape having both horizontal and vertical slits, is fitted in the center of your bong. It increases the diffusion process to a great extent and provides the best smoking hits.

Honeycomb Percolator

Honeycomb percolator has a round disc shape with many small holes. The disc is flat that may have multiple chambers if they are two or more. These percolators help in shooting the bubbles in an upward direction from this chamber. This type of percolator offers a better filtration and cooling process in bongs.

Coil Percolators

A coil percolator has an amazing and interesting design that gives your bong a cool look. Unlike other types of percolators, coil percolator not only makes the diffusion process fast. They also have a glycerin coil that after frozen give you an icy and cool smoking hit.

Barrel Percolators

The barrel percolator has a straight cylindrical shape that looks gives it a barrel appearance. It has more holes than other types of percolators and allows more diffusion in a bong to make the smoke smoother. You can turn these barrels in sideways in your bong if you want.

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To know more about percolators, click here


A Percolator is an addition to a water pipe or bong that makes the smoke filtration better and offers smoother hits to stoners. They fast the diffusion and provide more area for interaction of water and smoke; eliminates all contaminants from smoke. They help in moisturizing the smoke and reduces the way to coughing. Percolators are available in all sizes and designs in the market. Some water pipes and bongs have built-in percolators, but you can also fit a percolator in your bong for a better smoking experience.

Disclaimer:  This article is for reference only. No type of smoking is completely safe regardless of the smoking instrument used. Please do your own due-diligence before taking up or participating any type of recreational smoking.

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