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What is a percolator bong: All you need to know about percolator bong.  A percolator is a device in a water pipe that helps the marijuana smoke cool down before you take it in. It accomplishes this by causing smoke to pass into the liquid. What’s that sound that you hear when you smoke your bong? That’s a sound from percolators in action!

If you’ve ever used bongs with and without the ‘perc,’ you’ll quickly notice the difference. Your smoking experience will usually be smoother with a percolator. The secret to a good bong is diffusion. The word refers to moving a substance from an area with the highest concentration to a lower concentration in science. This happens in gasses and liquids as their particles travel from one location to the next randomly.

What’s a percolator “component” of the water pipe?

A percolator is a component of the water pipe that assists in keeping the smoke of herb cool before you take it in. It accomplishes this by pushing the smoke to pass by the flow of water. Do you hear that bubbling sound that you hear when you make use of your bong? It’s the sound of the percolator at work!

4:20 Generic Label 7.5" Percolator Variety Water Pipe 14mm - Assorted Colors

How Does a Percolator Work?

The first step is to take a look at the bong’s workings. Place your herb into the bowl, then ignite it. Smoke is removed from the water and is then pulled into the tube of your bong. The user places his lips over the mouthpiece, breathes, and then gets very stoned if he takes several hits!

If someone calls the term ‘percolator bong’ or a water pipe, they’re discussing a bong that has an attached or built in percolator. If you’ve ever tried an un-percolated bong and you’ve experienced an unintentional hit or burning throat. If you add a percolator into the mix, you gain a filtration mechanism that guarantees a smoother and more enjoyable hit. There is a variety of perks available (more on the subject later). However, they all break up the flow of water to cool the smoke while it travels across the chamber of the bong’s water. Percolators usually have domes, but there is a variety of bizarrely designed percs available.

The perc is an additional water chamber that you can use for your bong. You usually find it inside your bong’s tube. It is filled with water and serves as an additional method of filtering the smoke of weed. When you take the smoke out of your bong, it can interact with the water inside the bowl. When the smoke is pushed through into the pipe, it is in contact with water on a subsequent occasion via the percolator. This assists in cooling and removing smoking in two different ways. In the first place, smoke gets an opportunity to contact the water, which will assist in cooling it down. Percs allow a bigger surface area for smoke to get into the water, which helps to cool it down further. The bubbles are reduced in size and then smaller because of the pressure in the perc. This results in cool and smooth bongs.

Generic Label 12" Honeycomb w/ Hurricane Side Car Oil Rig - Green

Generic Label 12″ Honeycomb Perc w/ Hurricane Side Car Oil Rig

Will a Percolator Enhance the High?

The short answer is “no. The goal of percolators can be to filter and cool smoke to provide better smoking. If you’re having difficulty getting a bong to hit, add percolators to your mix and try again. It’s not going to increase THC intake magically, and neither will it give you an even more powerful high. You could end up getting more stoned due to the softness of the rips permits users to hit their bong more frequently than you usually would! But, a bong that has percolators has a very slight loss of THC than one without one. The glass in the additional chamber is the reason for the loss. Don’t worry! The decrease in THC is not significant and will not adversely affect the high. Additionally, the ease of the sensation will help you forget everything about it!

What are the various types of percolators?

Perc bongs come in many sizes and shapes, but there are a few common bongs that you can find in all smoke shops. In addition, certain bongs might include multiple percs working together to give you a better smoking experience. There are also detached ash catchers with different percs, allowing you to improve the bong you already have.


Tree percolators are among the most obvious comprised of many rods joined at the top, which look like the limbs of a tree. Air rises from the central tube and downwards through rods, cut on the bottom, spreading bubbles to the bong.

With more rods in your perc, you’ll enjoy the most efficient filtration, but the percolator made of trees isn’t the sturdiest when compared to other kinds. So it’s essential to purchase with retailers that sell solid borosilicate glass bongs that aren’t easily broken.


An inline percolator is a horizontal tube that has several openings. You’ve probably already known that more slits mean more percolation inside your bong. They are generally situated at the base of the bong and can be used in conjunction with other types of percs like showerheads.


It is shaped like a showerhead. These are a favorite for percolator enthusiasts. There are holes or slits in the bottom of the vertical tube which flares out to draw the smoke into a different diffusion chamber over the water at the bottom. A showerhead perc is usually be situated inside the bong’s neck and is especially common in beaker-shaped bongs.

Diffused downstem

If you’re looking to add some spice to your favorite bong, a diffused downstem could be the solution. Instead of straight glass downstems, diffused downstems have many slits in the bottom, which increase airflow to the base of your bong. Make sure you purchase the correct size downstem for your particular bong.


Honeycomb percolators are one of the most sought-after percs – and for the right reason. They are made of flat discs, typically having more than one, and adorned with several tiny pores (hence their name). They’re usually located inside straight bongs, stacked over each other to create more chambers for smoke to move through.


This isn’t the complete list of every variation of a percolator available. It’s never a bad idea to inquire with the cashier in your local smoke shop what perc does and, if you’re buying on the internet, look up the information before clicking “pay now.” Shopping for glass is an individual experience, so you need to think about how you live when selecting. Perhaps you’re looking for a practical piece that is simple for cleaning, or you’re looking for a unique experimental piece that comes with three percs that can deliver the most potent hit. In any case, the ideal bong for you is there; it’s just a matter of finding it.

To know the benefits of percolators, click here

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