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Do not put your bong under the mattress or in a dark corner. This isn’t going to work. If your friends or family, or anyone else you share your home with is looking to locate your bong, they’ll be looking around first. This is why you have to think of ways to make it more attractive. One way is to put your bong in an old backpack that you do not utilize. For example, let’s say there is a bag you use for daily activities and transporting things around. This backpack is a common sight to all, and it’s not a good place to hide bongs. However, if you’ve got another bag that sits around the room without use, it could be the perfect location to hide a bong.

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First of all, nobody would think you’d use it, as it is your primary, most-used backpack. To hide the bong (which typically are pretty high), it is necessary to have enough space. And a bag will do. Additionally, bongs can come with that lingering scent of cannabis after smoking, and leaving them exposed to the elements could tell your body in a matter of minutes. However, putting it inside a backpack with many layers means the smell won’t be released, so you’ll feel relaxed.

If you’re a marijuana user who is a fan of bongs, it’s possible that you have to figure out how you can hide your bong to ensure that it does not draw unwanted interest. You can conceal your item out of sight using disguised bongs or discrete bongs. They blend seamlessly into their surroundings, and nobody will be able to tell the difference (unless you, of course, let them know). We’ll show you a few ways to hide a bong well that you could forget where it was.

Where to Hide a Bong

If you’re trying to find good places to put a bong, think about your surroundings. Put your bong in a sort of container and return the container to its natural environment. It might seem odd (and you may think that you’ll get caught out the very first time you’re hosting guests). However, it’s among the best strategies to conceal the bong. Here are some of the most effective locations to hide your bong.

Using Old Boxes to Hide Your Bong

The best way to conceal a bong requires having several alternatives. There are many other boxes you can choose from, such as shoeboxes, board game boxes. Whatever you decide to use, make sure you keep this crucial point in mind: don’t put it unused in your office or an unattractive spot in your home. To remain unnoticed, it must blend naturally with the surrounding. In some instances, it’s inside your closet. If it’s the game box, it may be located between a few other game boxes for board games on the shelf of the living area. Make sure you hide it in a group of similar objects.

Hanging a Backpack in the Corner Closet

Many people out have a closet that’s stuffed a bit too tight with clothing and other items. If this sounds similar to your closet, then guess what? You’ve found one of the best locations to keep the bong. To hide it, you’ll require either a backpack or a duffel bag. Put your bong in the bag carefully and then place it inside with old t-shirts and other items you’ve accumulated. This way, in the chance that someone wants to dig through the contents, they’ll be able to find the entire junk first. It’ll be too messy for them to delve through, and they’ll likely leave it there.

Suitcase and Luggage are Perfect Bong Hiding Spots

Most people do not take the time to empty their bags after returning from a vacation or put them off for a couple of weeks (if they don’t need to wait for more than that). A packed suitcase is a great space to keep the bong. It also provides the perfect place to store it that doesn’t need explanation. Place your bong in the luggage, and then add clothes and other objects you could take to your next vacation. If you open the container, it’ll appear like you’ve forgotten to take it out at the end of your holiday.

If you choose to hide it this way, the general rule is to place it so that nobody can see it even glance. However, you should be able to pull your arm into it, take some turns and then locate it with ease. The rest of us will have to rummage through your clothing to find the bong, which many people will not do. When you are packing your suitcase, please place it in the same place you usually keep it. It could be in the closet in your hallway or bedroom. It is natural, and nobody will ever question its location.

A Water Bottle Acting as a Disguisable Bong

We all recognize the importance of drinking water. There’s a good chance you’ve got one or two around at home. So the addition of another won’t be odd, even if it’s not an actual water bottle.

Bongs such as the Thicket bong don’t look like bongs in any way and can be an excellent method to disguise the bong. The bongs disguised as water bottles look like water bottles that can be reused. They have a base that Thicket bong can be removed and revealed as an internal storage compartment that houses the neck and bowl made of glass. When you open the cap, it creates an attractive glass-topped item. When you place it on your desk or in your bag, it appears like a plain water bottle. It is that until you begin to pull it apart and put it back together to take a knock.

The best thing about an unintentionally disguised bong that appears precisely like water bottles is that it’s simple to fool people who aren’t aware. You may even overlook the fact that it’s an actual water bottle. Just ensure that you don’t take a drink through the straw!

Don’t Be Afraid

If you’re a bong smoker, we know the anxiety you face that someone might be able to discover that you’re smoking herb with the bong. If you consider it right and choose the best location to hide, we can almost guarantee that nobody will ever find out. If you don’t provide anyone with any reason to inquire about using a bong or smoking from a bong, nobody will ever ask, and that’s important to be aware of.


It is not everyone’s idea to put their bongs at the center of their coffee table or be openly visible to everyone who sees them. Some prefer to keep their bongs hidden. How to conceal the bong and how to hide it is based on its size and style. It is possible to put it in a container or backpack and store it away in your closet in most instances. You can also find many hidden bongs that resemble normal household objects. Mini or collapsible bongs are also fantastic options and excellent alternatives. The process of figuring out how to hide the bong is quite simple. First, be sure to keep track of the place you put it. If you put it in an area that is not well, you could not remember where it was.

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