How does a bong actually work? These Myths about Bongs

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The history of the humble bong dates back thousands of years. Ancient cultures used the bong to enjoy drugs such as marijuana and opium. From the 1960s, the bong has become more popular. The glass pieces made by bong masters can be purchased for thousands of dollars today. In this article we will learn about how a bong actually work.

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A bong, or water pipe, is one that has a small chamber on the one end. A bong can be held like a straw by someone who then smokes into the chamber through the other end. The term “bong,” which is derived from the word “bowl”, originally meant a bowl made from clay or wood. Later, the term “bong” was extended to include any vessel in which liquid can be poured. Today glass pipes are more common than water pipes, such as those found at your local hardware shop. Bongs are a common item that has been used since ancient times. They were originally called “water pitchers”.

How Does A Bong Actually Work?

Now that we have an overview of the history, parts, and uses of modern-day bongs, we will turn our attention to the question “How does bongs work?

The bowl-end of a bong’s bong is where the smoking begins. The mechanics of the bong are actually at the mouthpiece. Place the mouthpiece on your tongue and inhale slowly. Next, you need to light the ganja bowl and let the smoke flow through the downstem into the bong. The real magic of a bong happens at this point. Water is heavier than smoke. That is why smoke will rise, while water will stay still. You are trying to pull the contents from the base into the tube by smoking, so the smoke will rise through the water and “percolate” into the tube.

Percolation does two things: It cools and filters marijuana smoke. The water in base acts like a net to trap unwanted particles, such as ash. Because marijuana cannabinoids or terpenes are not water-soluble the majority will percolate through it into the tube. For cooling, most flames can burn at around 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit (About 93 Degree Celsius). Although the smoke produced by your cannabis isn’t as hot as it looks, it can still reach several hundred Fahrenheit if inhaled directly.

Hopefully this answers the question about how a bong actually work.

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The great thing about bongs is the fact that the water in their base, which can be either hot or cold, will cool the smoke. Cooler smoke makes it easier to inhale.

Should You Use a Bong?

The direct answer is yes! You don’t have to worry about the costs of buying a bong and how long it takes to maintain it. If you aren’t sure whether you want to purchase your own bong, you could ask a friend to give it a try. They can even bring some of the pot and you can share the hits. If you love the bong of your friend, you can purchase one for your personal use. If you don’t feel like using a bong you can always use one of the many cannabis alternatives such as edibles, tinctures or oils.

Why Do People Use Bongs

The bong acts in the same manner as a wet sponge or a bottle for cleaning up pollutants and dust from different gases. The main purpose of a bong, aside from cooling down smoke, is to filter out other particles. With a transparent bong, it is easy to see what a bong does. Smoke from a bong can come in contact water. Other heavy elements like ash and unburnt materials get trapped and are filtered. Negative pressure is created when a person draws on a bong. This forces smoke to bubble through water by passing through the stem from the lit cone. There is a small hole in bongs that can be called a choke (shotty, carby), etc. After you take a smoke, the cone is exposed for clearing the pipe. The cone can also be lifted from the stem so that clean air rushes can be facilitated.

The Myths about Bongs

Can bigger bongs cause more harm than smaller ones?

Bongs come as a range of sizes and shapes. Some are designed for dry herb use, others for dabbing. There are many factors that affect the overall quality of bongs, beyond the size of the glasses. While larger bongs will hold more smoke per gram, overall quality can also be affected by other aspects of the glass. Different size and add-ons may affect the quality of the smoke delivery.

Are they better for your lungs?

A bong is the best choice for smoother smoking than weed rolled in paper. The water in the bong replaces the dry heat of smoking joints. The effect is described as cooler as and creamier than harsh. The illusion of a smoother smoke can be misleading. While smoother smoking may feel better for your lungs but you still smoke. This smoke is still filling you up with harmful particles (we won’t bore you with the details). Some of the bad stuff may get removed. It doesn’t make much difference. It’s true that stories about bongs as the safer way to smoke marijuana are based on junk science. When it comes to medical research, bong safety is not high on the priority list. This could change as cannabis is legalized in more places.

Can smoking for longer periods of time affect you?

This issue has been much debated in the community for years. While some say that smoking makes you stronger, others disagree and find it more uncomfortable. Although many agree there is an obvious difference in the way the smoke hits your head when you hold it in, this is not the result of taking more THC. It is actually caused by a loss of oxygen and an increase to heart rate.

Does Coughing make you higher?

The fact that coughing occurs between smoking sessions doesn’t mean it will cause you to smoke more. The feeling of being higher is evident after exhaling smoke for more than five minutes. You may not feel like your heart rate is increasing, but it will. While it is easy to mistake a faster heartbeat for a stronger rip, the likelihood that you are coughing more is slim. It could be due to irritable lung disease, inflammation, or dry mouth. Allow your body’s natural response to coughing to be your guide. It can also indicate your body’s need for you slow down or to take smaller doses.


So, how does a bong actually work. It is common for sessions to be misunderstood. Make sure you are fully informed about the risks and length of all techniques available before you decide to try them. While some of these can be completely safe, others can have serious long-term effects if you continue to use them. Smoke responsibly guys!

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